Former Scotland boss Gordon Strachan believes that Rangers and Celtic will both be part of a new European Super League, the Daily Record reports.

Strachan, who believes the new set up could come within the next decade, believes that both Scottish sides may have to settle for a place in the second tier of the new formation if it was to go ahead.

The future of both Celtic and Rangers has long been a talking point, with the debate over whether or not they should join the English league being widely discussed.

However, Strachan spoke of the possibility of a European Super League.

Strachan told Mailsport :

I’ve looked at all of these rich people buying clubs around Europe. If you look at what they do, they monopolise things.

So in the next decade – and that’s why the Old Firm have to prepare now – there’ll be about 36 teams in two Super Leagues. It’s all dictated by finance.