“Sorry Glen” – A lot of Gers fans have responded to a poll from Rangers’ official club account that asks who would win in a duel between Alfredo Morelos and Glen Kamara.

The poll was started by the club when a few pictures of the two play fighting emerged online.

The decision from many Gers fans was clear – with 85% picking Morelos to beat Kamara.

Looking at the two, it is easy to see why Morelos won – the 23-year-old is a big physical unit, while Kamara is taller but lighter.

The Columbian nicknamed “The Buffalo” also has a temper, picking up five red cards and 17 yellow cards last season.

If these two were to fight, then it seems that a lot of Gers fans are backing Morelos to beat Kamara.

See the best of the reaction below.

Many Rangers fans are backing their big striker and they cannot see how Kamara would have a chance against Morelos.

Other Gers fans assumed that Morelos won and they want to know how long Kamara will be out injured.